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Video: How to play the “Wallace and Gromit” theme tune

This tune is popular with many of my young pupils.  I hope you have fun figuring it out.  Remember you can download and print out my piano key guides if you need them.

I will shortly be making the sheet music available for this song and also for the songs in my other videos.  I’ll post on the blog when these free resources are ready, so subscribe to my updates if you want to get them as soon as they are here!

On-screen Flash piano for you to play right now!

Don’t have a piano?  Want to try something out anyway?  Check out this Flash implementation of a piano keyboard.  You can play it either with your keyboard keys or your mouse – great fun!

Remember to turn up your speakers…


Yes, I know this is just a bit of fun – you’ll need a proper piano or keyboard to really learn to play.  But you can certainly start to learn your notes on this, as well as just mess around for a bit!  Experimentation often  helps with piano learning, too.

What other piano resources would you like me to find or create for you?

Video: How to play ‘Happy Birthday’

Here’s an important one – the ‘Happy Birthday’ tune.  Learn to play this and you’ll come in useful once a year to all your friends!  As well as making it easy to play, I’ve set it in an easy-to-sing key – to avoid all those screeches when people sing along as you play!

What other tunes would you like to be able to play?

Printable piano key guides

If you’re still learning the names of the notes on your piano, here’s a printable guide I made for you.  Many thanks to my good friend Sandie Barker who gave me the idea.  The note names are clear and you also have the treble clef and bass clef notes to help you:

piano key overlays

piano key overlays

Simply download the file here, print out onto paper or card and trim the two sections as shown. They will fit nicely behind the keys of most pianos and full-size keyboards.  Put them in the centre of your piano and make sure you line up the pattern of black keys correctly, as shown in the picture.

I think these are a much better alternative to putting stickers on the keys of your beloved instrument.  I would strongly recommend that you don’t put stickers on the keys of your piano or keyboard, even if the instructions say ‘easy to remove’ or ‘won’t leave marks’.  I have seen keys ruined by them!  These overlays can be removed and replaced whenever you need them.

One word of advice – use these key guides only for as long as you need them.  Get to know your notes and then remove them when you can!

5 reasons NOT to learn the piano!









“I’d love to be able to play the piano”
“I wish I’d learnt to play when I was younger”
“It must be great just to be able to sit down and play”
“I never got round to learning the piano, but I should have”

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

I come across so many people who wish they could play, and yet so few that actually do anything about it.  Have you ever wondered why you really didn’t learn to play the piano?  Perhaps you’re using one or more of these regular excuses: Continue reading

Video: how to play the EastEnders theme tune

When people ask me what I do and I tell them I teach piano, they often tell me about a tune they can play. If there’s a piano or keyboard nearby, I always encourage them to show me and make sure I praise their efforts. It’s amazing how many people, despite never taking piano lessons, have taken the time to learn at least something on the piano.  It’s usually fairly simple and almost always involves only one hand, but nevertheless people take great pleasure in being able to play a piece, however short or easy.

I think that’s brilliant.  I dislike the elitism that sometimes surrounds pianists and piano lessons.  Musical instruments are there to be enjoyed, and you can do this without the need to take lessons or spend hours trying to teach yourself something difficult or figure out how to read music.

So I thought I’d start putting up some easy, step-by-step videos to help anyone to start playing tunes. There’s no music to read, you just follow the patterns I show you and hopefully you will pick up a few tunes.  If you don’t have a piano or keyboard, just download a free piano app onto your iPad or whatever.

The first video (below) is for the EastEnders theme tune.  Give it a try, and tell me how you get on.  I’ll try to use any feedback to improve future videos.


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