Printable key guides


If you’re still learning the names of the notes on your piano, here are some printable guides I made for you. Many thanks to my good friend Sandie B who gave me the idea. The note names are clear and you also have the treble clef and bass clef notes to help you…

What about stickers?

Please, NO!
These are a much better alternative to putting stickers on the keys of your beloved instrument. I would strongly recommend that you never put stickers on the keys of your piano or keyboard, even if the instructions say ‘easy to remove’ or ‘won’t leave marks’. I have seen keys ruined by them! These overlays can be removed and replaced whenever you need them.

How to print and use

Important: use these key guides for as long as you need them, but then get to know your notes and remove them when you can!

My original key guides only covered two octaves, but I’ve since added the outer octaves, so now you can cover four octaves. These should fit any piano or keyboard with standard sized keys.


Download and print these files:

piano key guides – middle octaves

piano key guides – outer octaves

and then trim the guides to size

Correct positioning

Make sure you line them up with the black keys (in groups of twos and threes) and make sure the third overlay starts with Middle C. On a piano, Middle C is approximately in the middle – obvious, I suppose!

On a 5 octave (61 key) electronic keyboard, Middle C is more to the left of centre and the first guide will line up with the lowest key on the keyboard.

They should work as printed at 100%, but if they’re not exactly the right fit for your keyboard, you can experiment with the print size on your printer.

What do you think?  Are these going to be useful to you?  Can you suggest any improvements? Please comment below so that I can keep updating and improving these resources.  Or if your prefer, you can Contact Me directly.