(PLUS: free sheet music for Au Clair De La Lune!)

Today’s two tutorials are based on my easy piano arrangement of “Au Clair De La Lune.”This is a French folk song, dating back to the 18th century. The original composer is unknown.

The title of the song translates as, ” By The Light Of The Moon.” It has a very simple melody, which makes it ideal for anyone just starting to learn.

Free sheet music for Au Claire De La Lune

By the light of the moon…

You can download my FREE sheet music for “Au Clair De la Lune” from easypianoteacher.com 

My piano arrangement for these tutorials is particularly easy; it keeps the left hand in one position throughout, with only two hand position changes required in the right hand (the second change simply returns the hand to the original position.)

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To help you learn this simple song, there are full-speed and slower versions of the tutorial.

Full-speed tutorial:

Slower tutorial:

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