(PLUS: sheet music for Bring Him Home)

These two Synthesia tutorials are based on my easy piano arrangement of “Bring Him Home” from “Les Miserables.”

Les Miserables is an enduringly popular “sung-through” musical created from the 1862 novel of the same name by Victor Hugo. It has run continuously in London since 1985. This makes it the longest-running West End musical and the second longest-running in the world!

Bring Him Home was composed by Claude-Michel Schönberg.

sheet music for Bring Him Home

John Owen Jones as Jean Valjean

SHEET MUSIC for Bring Him Home:
Sadly, my usual publishers Sheet Music Plus don’t have the ArrangeMe rights for this song, so I can’t upload my arrangement for you 🙁 
However, there is a SIMILAR arrangement at Virtual Sheet Music that you can download.
(Or if you become one of my pupils, we can work around this…) 

In my arrangement for this tutorial, I use the slow-moving right-hand melody as an opportunity to introduce a little counter-movement in the left hand to keep things flowing. I also recommend the use of a sustain pedal if you have one on your piano or keyboard, to hold the chords through each bar.

Whilst this adds some challenge to the left hand, there are lots of repeated patterns, so once you have learned a short section, it will be re-used many times throughout.

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As usual, I’ve included full-speed and slower versions of this tutorial.

Full-speed tutorial:

Slower tutorial:

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