(PLUS: free sheet music for Love Divine, All Loves Excelling)

These two tutorials are based upon my simple arrangement of “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”. It’s a famous Charles Wesley hymn, very popular at weddings.

Love Divine first appeared in a hymn book in 1747 and has stood the test of time as perhaps Wesley’s most famous and successful hymn.  In fact, it features in the hymn books of just about every mainstream Christian denomination!

The tune is Welsh, written by William Penfro Rowlands and entitled “Blaenwern”.

Free sheet music for Love Divine

Charles Wesley 1707-1788

You can download my FREE sheet music for “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling” from easypianoteacher.com 

This easy hymn arrangement has just one note in each hand. The tune covers a range of over an octave, so fingers will need to be chosen to allow for some hand position changes in the right hand. The left hand will also need to move, but most of the moves can be handled with gentle stretches into new positions.

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As usual, I’ve included full-speed and slower versions of this tutorial.

Full-speed tutorial:

Slower tutorial:

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