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Have you ever wanted to play the piano?
Forget all the excuses why you’ve never learnt – I’m here to make it happen!

My passion is helping beginners to get started at the piano.  In the short term I’m posting some free step-by-step piano videos here that ANYONE can follow.  In the near future I hope to launch a complete video site where you can get all the help and support you need to develop your skills.

Never give up on your dream of being able to play the piano!  Please check my videos – and give them a try.  If you would like to suggest any other resources you’d like to see on this site, send me a message.

Is there a tune you would like to be able to play on the piano?  Just click on Request a Video and I’ll make you a tutorial to show you how!


Who am I?

I’m a piano teacher living and working in Morecambe, UK.  I also teach electronic keyboard, ‘cello, recorder and music theory.

I have a wife (my best friend), two grown-up, married children and a dog called Boco (my wife’s best friend).  They’re all musicians, too. Except Boco.  He’s totally rubbish at the piano.

When I’m not teaching or making videos, I enjoy surfing the internet, being the secretary of our local Baptist church, reading and eating out.  And yes, I enjoy the last one rather too much, as evidenced by my waistline…


  1. Shirley davey

    I have a technics electronic organ . Have never learned to read music and have played (10 years ago) only to Hal Leonard music books. I am 77 years old and lost my husband of 50years 9 years ago. I used to play to him as he loved theatre organ music. His favourite was Spanish Eyes and I would dearly love to be able to play this again now time has passed. I have downloaded your keyboard overlays in the hope this will help me get started again. Thank you for being there to supply these.
    Shirley Davey

    • David Hendra

      Thank you Shirley. I hope the keyboard overlays will be useful to you. My oldest pupil is currently 81 years young, so keep playing! I wish you every success.

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